changing the world,

one household at a time.

Reducing one household’s water wastage up to 63% is significant. Imagine the massive impact this tiny innovation will have on a global scale. Change starts here.

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A giant leap for
conscious water usage.

Save Water

Up to 63% savings
With PDT, iFLOSENSE™ can reduce water wastage by up to 63% while still delivering an optimal flow of water.

Regulate Pressure

Eliminates low pressure and inconsistent water flow
PDT balances dynamic water pressure, so multiple users can benefit from constant uninterrupted water flow.

Protect Users

Prevents scalding and freezing temperatures
iFLOSENSE™ responds instantly to temperature change, it eliminating sudden temperature changes to prevent scalding.

Instant Reaction Mechanism

iFLOSENSE™ is a revolutionary proprietary patented water savings device that features instant pressure regulation.

Equipped with world's first Pressure Differential Technology, during increased demand for water supply, where water pressure is low, iFLOSENSE™ instantly recalibrates flow rate, ensuring every user receives optimal water supply

Take the first step towards a more sustainable planet