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iFLOSENSE, a product by JVL Engineering Pte Ltd, is a patented technology, designed and invented in Singapore. The very objective, concept and design behind this creation, is built for its main purpose of water conservation.

Using a water aerator may help consumers to save their water consumption to some extent. However, low water pressure is of the main reasons why consumers are reluctant to use such type of water saving devices today.

Unlike any water saving devices that are designed to restrict water flow with meshes and layers of filtration, iFLOSENSE is designed by using Fluid Dynamics to regulate high and low water pressures as a result, achieving constant water flow rate and pressure. This technology is known as Pressure Differentiate Technology (PDT) and Patented Internationally.

While iFLOSENSE saves up to 60% of your water consumption during your showers, our technology and design regulates low water pressure into high pressured water, giving you the best of both, saving water and having a comfortable water pressure and enhancing the user experience while using water.

On The Market
Other Water Saving Aerators

How do they work?

The aerator acts as a sieve, separating a single flow of water into many tiny streams which introduces the air in to the water flow.

As there is less space for the water to flow through, the water flow is reduced, resulting in water savings, but a loss in water pressure.

(See diagram on the right)

The Difference of the
Water Pressure Without and With iFLOSENSE™

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